IB Past Papers and Textbooks

Dear IB Educator/Student,

We would love to use a user-friendly sharing software but this will be shut down by the IBO. As a result we are using a Chinese sharing site but this is not in English unfortunately. However, it is fast and very simple to use. Please see the simple visual explainer on its use at the bottom of the page.

All the PAST PAPERS and TEXTBOOKS can be searched using the search bar on the main screen. We have deliberately split them up into YEARS (2014-2017), POPULAR SUBJECTS and GROUPS (1-6): 


We suggest you only download resources one at a time.

Otherwise you will be asked to download the software (which you don’t want on your computer). The navigation is pretty simple as long as you use the tabs at the top of the screen rather than back and forwards on you computer:

When you are downloading the files click on the following button (do one by one rather than as a large group):